Palace of culture of M.Kalinina Ufa – 1983, 1985 The house of trade unions RB, Ufa – 1995 Management of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB - a charitable exhibition for sick of a tuberculosis, Ufa – 1995 Showroom of the Union of Artists RB – 1994, 1996, 1997, The house of actors, Ufa – 1997 Gallery "Ural Mountains", Ufa – 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003 г, 2005 Gallery "Imak", Ufa – 2004 г, 2006, 2007 Museum of M.V.Nesterov, Ufa – 1999, August, 2008 Gallery "Izad" (branch of a museum of M.V.Nesterov), an exhibition of a three, Ufa – 2008


Republican exhibitions of the Bashkir fine arts – 1982-2005 The constant participant of all-Union zone and regional exhibitions. Group exhibitions in Magnitogorsk, in Academy of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Moscow, 1997 Participated in regional and Russian competitions. ts pictures also have been presented at an exhibition of artists one of these days Republics Bashkortostan to France (UNESCO) in April, 2008

The leading critics accompanying last years of an art exhibition: Valentina Mefodievna Sorokin - main the keeper of a museum of M.V.Nesterov, the honoured worker of culture RB. Oskina Irina Nikolaevna к.н. And the honoured worker arts RB.


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